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an old man wearing a hat and holding a cell phone in his hand with the caption el porro
New Age Gollum
the gollium girls poster with three older women and one old woman looking at the camera
Gollum girls
an old man sitting on top of a toilet reading a magazine while holding a newspaper
Beautiful Pink Clouds Wallpaper for Girls
Beautiful Pink Clouds Wallpaper for Girls
game of thrones characters with their faces in different poses, including the white walkers
Who Made Me A Princess Brother. - Chapter mista
#wattpad #fanfic Your reincarnated as a prince in the Noval Who made me a Princess. Your father, Claude de Alger Obelia the cold-blooded Emperor's precious son (Crown Prince of the empire). You met Athanasia while she was age 5 wondering around in Claude's palace unknown. Oh and the reincarnate Athanasia does not k...
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Frodo Baggins?
a woman wearing sunglasses and holding skis in her hand with the caption deal with it
Hah :)
a man with long blonde hair wearing sunglasses and a hat is standing in front of a white column
a group of people standing next to each other with hello kitty on their shirts in front of them
an old man with long white hair wearing a pink hello kitty t - shirt and holding a wand
two men dressed as knights standing next to each other
an image of the same character in game of thrones with caption that reads, saruman
an old man is in the bathtub with a doll on his head and text that reads, filthy hobities
40 Puns And Dad Jokes That'll Get Your Eyes Rolling