Andrew Walker of the Carlton Blues- what an awesome athelete! Australian Rules Football- my favourite sport!

AUSSIE RULES UK: Australian Rules football has been kicking around 'down under' since 1841 and the AFL governs the professional league footy game.

Rucks: Nic Naitanui, West Coast Eagles

i want to see a cincinnati dockers australian football match.

west coast eagles logo - Google Search

What if the VFL/AFL wanted to keep a sense of equality by keeping the 'VFL Shield" and have it featured on all current 18 clubs logos.

Soccer Players VS AFL Players

Soccer Players Pretend They're Hurt. AFL Players Pretend They Aren't.~ that's Aussie rules football.

Afl memes

Hahahaha Juddy te Brownlow, Buddy the Coleman, Jimmy the Normsmith and Nick Maxwell who won the toss.

From the @Elise West Coast Eagles

From the Coast Eagles