Uncovering Discovery - Infographic by E.Richardson

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The Why Teachers Should Use Rubrics Infographic shows how providing detailed explanations of an assignment using a rubric can assist students in both completing tasks and improving future performance and suggests various ways teachers can use.

Stirring and inspiring, this picture book relates the story of a gifted young girl's passion for the piano in a time of historic turmoil. Du...

The Red Piano- A beautiful and extraordinary account of international concert pianist Zhu Xiao-Mei’s hardships and triumphs while growing up during China’s Cultural Revolution

Glimpse Social Discovery - #networkmarketingtips

Social Discovery: The Serendipity and Science Behind the Social Internet

THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE 'Amazing' Ellen DeGeneres- HSC Discovery

Kim Ho, only published a monologue about a boy falling in love with his best friend. The story was turned into a short film, which has resonated with audiences all over the globe.

Luke's Way of Looking Matt Ottley and Nadia Wheatley A story of discovery about looking at things differently. Hodder Children's books,1999.

All the boys in Luke's art class see things the same way, except for Luke. When Luke visits an art gallery, he sees some amazing paintings and, whoever created them, sees things just the way Luke does. Luke feels as though he fits in.