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Am paris

Who wore it better? Kendall, Maddie, Kenzie, or Nia?

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Chloe and Maddie are perfect (credit to Gina Lizzo)

So Mack Z Its a Girl Party. The girls all look really cute and the tune is catchy but personally I think Chloe should have been in it and they used autotune way to much. Just my opinion plz no h8

Mack Z It's A Girl Party Official Music Video! It's so good! Mack Has Grown Up Comment If you think shes grown up and If ur gonna buy the video and if she has a great voice!

Chandelier ft. Maddie Ziegler

Kate) I'm working with Sia right now! And miss Abby wants me to start my music career and her be my manager! This is a music video called Chandelier by Sia GO WATCH

Maddie and Kendall

Maddie) Okay, Kendall, I forgive you. You really did hurt me, so if you're willing to admit it, we can be friends again. Just next time keep your opinions to yourself. *smiles and hugs Kendall*