Archipelago I Display Home - Lifestyle Floor Plan

replace wine cellar with powder room Archipelago I Display Home - Lifestyle Floor Plan

Hi! I found this plan last week – you might like this one. It’s called the Monterey Nouveau Q1 from here. You can also click on the image to enlarge it. I know it’s similar to a lot of other narrow houses, but I did think it was a good use of space. I loved …

Called Monterey Nouveau This is an example of a floor plan. I love the use of space and design of this layout. Personally I have always had an interest in floor plans.

My realistic dream house plan!! I love the kids bedrooms all on one end of the house with the game room.

I LOVE this floor plan. Modify bedroom to homeschool room. Change rear bathroom to bath (powder room) by the nook. Study is an office. Bring down total sq ft. by eliminating 1 garage bay. House Plans by Korel Home Designs

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