apple slices with the cores removed using mini cookie cutters

apple slices with cores removed using mini cookie cutters, serve with caramel dip for Halloween party; soak in lemon or pineapple juice to keep from browning.


Keep Your Cut Hydrangea Blooms From Wilting In The Vase. I've Used This Method And It Works Perfect.


I made a batch of fairy cookie wands last week for a friend's daughter who was having a fairy party.

Idea for kids sandwiches for daughters Tinkerbell themed birthday party

PB J Blossom Sandwiches: use cookie cutter for flower then with water bottle cap in 1 of the 2 flowers use cap to make hole in middle. On whole flower w/o hole spread PB the top layer jelly. Put slice with hole on top do jelly shows through hole


Items similar to Tinker Fairy Huge Standard Party Package DIY Printable lavender lime green banner birthday decoration cupcake topper napkin silverware wrap on Etsy

Turning 4 :)

Disney Showcase Collection Tinkerbell Birthday Figurine -- different figures for each number might make a cute cake topper too.