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Second grade Henri Matisse fishbowls | Jamestown Elementary Art Blog | Bloglovin’

grade artists are learning about the life and art of Henri Matisse. We read the book "The Colorful Dreamer: The Story of Henri Matisse" as well as the book, "Henri's Scissors."After admiring many

Great for spelling words and math all at once! … #mathpractice

Great for spelling words and math all at once! … #mathpractice

Making Your Thinking Visible With Graphic Organizers

TEACH YOUR CHILD TO READ - One of the keys to teaching reading comprehension is showing kids how proficient readers think about text. Teachers have to find a way to make their thinking visible. Super Effective Program Teaches Children Of All Ages To Read.

This packet has all the posters you will need to display the learning goals for Grade 4 Australian Curriculum Maths – Number and Algebra. All content descriptors have been reworded into smart goals with an accompanying poster showing the success criteria needed to achieve these goals. I am currently working on the same file for the other mathematics strands and a packet that will have assessments for each of the success criteria pertaining to each learning goal.

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