Endless Praise | A Cappella "Praise the Accomplishment of God’s Work" (O...

The Church of Almighty God“Praise the New Life" is a new video of our church. In the video, during spiritual devotions, the sisters and brothers sing a song together to praise God when they are moved by God.

Full Praise | Latin Dance ''Praise the Accomplishment of God's Work"

God’s chosen people have attended the marriage banquet of the lamb. Limber dancers leap back and forth to the lively music praising that God has come to live amidst mankind.

Praise God With Drum and Dance | Chinese Drumming & Street Dance "The Ho...

The Holy Kingdom Has Appeared I The sun of righteousness shines over all the earth, and all things are revived. God’s people come together, joyfully singing .

Be Full of Love for God | A Cappella "Praise the New Life" (Official Mus...

Thank and praise You! Thank and praise You, Almighty God! Christ of the last days has appeared, working and speaking among man. His word judges, chastises and purifies us, leading us onto the right way of human life.