Earth Day Poems and Songs

Recycling: Math Earth Day Songs and Poems FREE on TPT! Thanks First Grade Factory for sharing!

Recycled Robots Craft for Kids, perfect for an Earth Day Craft or after reading a fun book about robots.

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Use this as a basis to compile sample activities to do with students to conserve the Earth, these include: plant a tree, recycle, turn off the lights, and clean up trash. The others are good ideas to simply introduce the students to.

Future Professional Life: This is a great tool for me to use once I begin teaching. It gives both student and parent strategies to use at home that helps reduce, re-use, and recycle.

We talk about who Wassily Kandinsky was and discuss his artwork:We talk about d colors & how different colors make u feel, point out that each square of circles is different..Then I give them a sheet of paper divided into 6 squares, plates of paint in several colors, and a multitude of things that will make circle shapes (yogurt containers, cups, caps, corks... We talk about small, medium large - inside, outside (position words) and then let them create.

DOT DAY: Learning about Kandinsky 'sneaking in maths, fine motor spacial awareness - from Small Kids Big Ideas (",)

Supporting recycling means feeding this loop by not only recycling, but also supporting recycled products.

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