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Delicious milkshake Neapolitan   Drizzle strawberry topping down the side of a glass. Make Basic Milkshake, with 1 tsp vanilla bean paste. Pour half the mixture into the glass. Add 6 chopped strawberries to remainder. Blend. Swirl into the vanilla milkshake. Top with a scoop of chocolate ice-cream.

Create your own retro milkbar at home with our tempting twists on the classic milkshake.

New Europe style rhinestone Man-mad PU leather thick rough over the knee long high boots womens shoes

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decent photo - the photo is clear, decent lighting, it looks fresh, juicy, and the organization/neatness of the cubes in the skin bowls appeals to the sense of beauty

Masow Design Studio designed a tubular home in a Kazakh forest that includes a tree inside. / Talk about really considering the impact that your art work will have on the environment.