Funbites Cube It

Funbites is the perfect lunch box answer for picky eaters. Make your childs lunch fun by cutting sandwiches in to many creative shapes that easy to hold and eat

Funbites Triangles

A cutter that quickly cuts food into small bites. Curved blades make cutting simple and comes with matching popper that instantly pops out fun shaped pieces - allowing you to have clean hands and food remain untouched.

Silicone Wrap Bands Set - Trendy Lil Treats

Silicone Wrap Bands Set

5 colorful elastic silicone bands from Japan for bento boxes, bags, food etc.

Silicone Band Set

Silicone Wrap Bands Set

Total of 5 multi-purpose silicone bands sizes of silicone bands) that works for just anything. It can be used as a bento lunch box band, or to tie your fa.

Baran Family Clippable Lunchbox Bling

bear family Baran divider sheets for Bento Box Lunch Box, Bento Accessories, Bento Boxes