Grevillea Superb - A medium shrub with large flowers in with a blend of salmon, apricot and lemon through out most of the year. Evergreen drought hardy shrubs with attractive foliage and masses of flowers. Ideal for a small hedge or scr

Grevillea parallela

Grevillea banksii, botanical print by Ferdinand Bauer. The original paint-by-numbers artist. He could not carry into the field the full range of colors he needed to depict flora with accuracy, so he put numbers of colors into his sketches.

rainbow lorikeet on grevillea

Rainbow Morning - Photo and caption by Richard Cridland - This image was taken in my back garden on a fairly dull morning, but the colours of the Rainbow Lorikeet and the flower really brightened up the day.


Grevillea 'Coastal Sunset' Medium shrub: high x wide. Large orange/gold flowers for most of the year. Rare colour for tropical Grevillea.

Australian Plants. Grevillea, Anigozanthos, Hardenbergia and Acacia.

Australian flora makes good cut flowers as they last a long time. Left to right : Grevillea "Wilpara Gem," Kangaroo Paw, Hardenbergia (Happy Wanderer), Acacia (Wattle), Grevillea "Robyn Gordon.

Red Grevillea  Spider Flower

Red Grevillea 'Spider Flower' by Renee Hubbard Fine Art Photography Red Grevillea. The only spider anything i like.

Grevillea 'Austraflora Fanfare'

Grevillea "Austraflora Fanfare" will grow in most areas. Prostrate & dense growing to approx metres.