Tri-shaw travel -

All of the pedal powered trishaws in Melacca are festooned with flowers When there are lots of them heading down the road at once they are a beautiful sight Everything here is designed by B Cox in Zoolander kit avail Snap and Scrap

Sarawak Cultural Center. -

A lovely day spent exploring the living museum of the Sarawak Cultural Center There was a one hour stage show complete with blow pipes and head hunters I almost forgot to take a few still photos almost everything was on video because I wanted the sound BG

Birds of Paradise -

Kuala Lumpur has over 300 species of free flying birds This is a photo of a bird of paradise that I took while the other day Hey I tried an extraction hard with just a mouse but it sort of worked A few hours after the bird park we were in the Chinat

Kuala Lumpur 1 -

Night shot is from our room in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia In the bg of that photo are the Menara Tower and one of the Petrona Twin Towers lots of photos of them coming up Daytime shot is same building taken from the foot of the Menara Tower yes that s me stand

The Wilds of Borneo -

Several shots I managed to get on a day trip out into the wilds of Borneo What a beautiful day we had bgpp is Old Bo from DSP Bent frames also from DSP

Kuala Lumpur II -

Part of the world famous city scape in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Near the left are the Petrona Twin Towers that used to be the tallest buildings in the world but now must be content to be known as the tallest twin towers in the world Tallest building is now i

Born to Shop -

Kuala Lumpur is a true shopaholics dream city Dd had requested a Gucci bag from somewhere in my travels and I found her one that I loved big black included a Gucci scarf as a sort of drawstring top problem is I would never be able to part with it So I got

Monkey Business -

While walking along the sidewalk near the base of the tower there were several of these small monkeys on the fence playing and grooming each other Right in the middle of this huge city Thanks Breeza B Cox for this great Zoolander kit avail Scrap Matters o

From the Top -

A photo from the bottom looking up was used as the bg here One of the fab city scapes scene from the observation up top This scene actaully has the twin towers but they are aligned with each other from this angle so look like only one Unfortunatly all the

Kids having fun.. -

Here s DH entertaining all the kids as they go by on the river tour boats I think there were a lot of schools out on field trips while we were there They were all so happy and friendly to see my big kid having a good time There was lots of laughter on the

History comes to life -

A Unesco World Heritage site the city of Melaka aka Melacca This city used to be one of the worlds most important shipping ports away back in the 13 even before Columbus headed to the new world Ruled at that time by the Chinese then the Portuges

50 Years Later -

From head hunters to the Hilton all within a timeframe of about 50 years The Hilton photo I took on a day with a very dark sky which made for super contrast with the stark white of the building The other photo was taken from a picture that I found hung on

Malaysia, Fascinating Destination -

A panoramic shot taken of the river that flows through Kuching I copied the stamp from the tourist brochures just used a couple of circles and some shaped text Everything here is from from a kit by Erica Zane called Naturally Happy avail Scrap Matters

Chicken in Bamboo? -

Sometimes after eating exotic food for months on end it s nice to find a familiar face This is all from Zoolander by B Cox at Snap and Scrap

Reflections -

DH taking a stroll where the Sarawak River meets the South China Sea