Making Incense -

Thewse young girls can roll about 3000 incense sticks a day they are very fast First the bamboo is cut into thin sticks and dyed Then put in big bunches and put on a stand in the sun to dry Next they have the pounded sandlewood paste rolled onto the stick

Hoa Lu -

After visiting the Tom Coc Caves we headed to Hoa Lu The scenery here resembles nearby Tam Coc though Hoa Lu has an interesting historical twist Hoa Lu was the capital of Vietnam under the Dinh dynasty 968 980 and the Le dynasty 980 1009 when the capital

City Tour Hanoi -

Spent New Years Day on a general city tour This included several temples as well as the Ho Chi Mihn Mauseleum museum and park An interesting tour that that allowed us to see a lot of things in a short period of time The two old men in the park are playing

Perfume Pagoda -

After being rowed several miles through the rice paddies we took a short steep hike then a cable car to the top of a mountain There we decended several hundred steps into a huge cave where the shrine of the Perfume Pagoda is located The boats to get us th

Heading to market -

Heading to market

Conical Hats -

These really do a great job of sun protection They are also used to keep off the rain these women are actually making double layered ones with a cut out picture between the layers that only show when held up to the sun These photos were taken at a small v

Nha Trang -

View from our balcony in the Dream Hotel A beach town sort of makes us think this is a Pueto Vallarta wanna be

Dray Nur Falls. -

Near Lak lake in Dak Lak province up in the Central Highlands of Vietnam A gorgeous place for a rest stop for the background here I used a photo of the falls made evenly transparent and layered over a pale blue backgound

Tam Coc Caves -

This day took us about 100 km southwest of Hanoi to the Ninh Binh area The way too see the Tom Coc Caves is by rowboat Again we were rowed by women this time using their feet to row The boats row through three karst caves on this beautiful trip and take a

Hoi An -

The tailoring capital of Vietnam There are hundreds of shops here with customers coming from all over the world to have custom clothing made We stopped here for a few daysas we headed south a nice little town on a pretty river surrounded by rice fields

Inperial Tombs, Hue -

The remains of what is left of the Imperial Forbidden City of Hue This is located in the Citadel that is surrounded by a moat Most of the surrounding wall and 80 of the buildings were heavily bombed and destroyed 35 years ago destroying a huge piece of ro

Independence -

We came across this huge memorial celebrating Vietnams Independence from centuries of foreign domination Notice the cut out of the man brreaking out of his chains We came across this while out on a motorcycle exploring on the island of Phu Quoc Vietnam

Morning on the Mekong -

We left Vietnam on a boat and headed up the Mekong into Cambodia This was a great very comfortable way to do this part of the trip

Halong Bay 1 -

We spent the weekend on a Chinese junk on halong Bay about 3 hours from Hanoi The photo of the junk was of a boat similar to the one we were on The small picture is of Viet our flute playing tour guide extrordinaire Great food wonderful scenery super new