Hospital Role play area. Play based learning.

This pin gives good ideas on how to set up a medical play area in which children can act out their medical fears, they can have fun, and they reenact or prepare for procedures.

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Hospital Play: What happens when we get badly hurt? How do doctors talk? Why do we want to avoid the hospital?

Early childhood education

Play IS all the learning necessary before school ages! "Early childhood education is mostly about Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP)- kids need to learn how to play before they can learn about academics"

This would be a fun way to keep track of birthdays in the classroom and could be reused each year.

Birthday Board: great for spatial skills and fractions. How far down the ribbon is your birthday? A kinder might need days (or weeks) to figure that out. Very cool way to get 'em thinking.

Boots Rack

good idea for storing boots when you don't have enough closet space to hang them! Maybe wall mounted.