Golden Wattle, Australia's national flower emblem

Golden Wattle (Acacia pycnantha) is Australia's national flower and commonly known as Acacias. The Golden Wattle flowers have five very small petals. Learn more about Australia National Flower

Eucalyptus globulus

Floral Emblem of Tasmania, Australia: Tasmanian Blue Gum Eucalyptus globulus (plant family: Myrtaceae)

Anigozanthos manglesii

Floral Emblem of Western Australia: Red and Green Kangaroo Paw Anigozanthos manglesii (plant family: Haemodoraceae)

Dendrobium phalaenopis

Floral Emblem of Queensland, Australia: Cooktown Orchid Dendrobium phalaenopsis (plant family: Orchidaceae)

Royal Bluebell

Royal Bluebell Wahlenbergia gloriosa (plant family: Campanulaceae) Floral Emblem of the Australian Capital Territory

the wattle depicted has clusters of sperical flowerheads coloured yellow and blue-grey, and green phyllodes characteristic of many species of Acacia. It is not a botanically accurate representation of A. pychnantha. There are conventional versions of the bearings for formal printing and other formal media. Stylised versions are also used.

Australian Coat of Arms. The Emu and the Kangaroo are on our coat of arms because neither animal can walk backwards.

Sturt's Desert Rose

Sturt's Desert Rose Gossypium sturtianum (plant family: Malvaceae) Floral Emblem of the Northern Territory, Australia

Royal Bluebell, Australian Capital Territory, another legally protected flower

Royal Bluebell, Australian Capital Territory, another legally protected flower

Tasmanian Blue Gum, Tasmania. A species of eucalyptus, major economic influence. Used in all kinds of constructions, paper, the leaves give an essential oil, tea, flowers are nectar for bees.

Learn Why Australia’s National Flower is the Golden Wattle: Tasmania: Tasmanian Blue Gum

File:Botanical Magazine 3535 (pl).jpeg

1836 This Is A Scan Of Tab 3535 Banksia Occidentalis. Taken From Curtis's Botanical Magazine.

Waratah, the flower of New South Wales

Waratah, the flower of New South Wales