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Life Path 4: The life of a Life Path 4 is one of work and discipline to feel stable. The 4 does not like taking short-cuts and feels that the best way to do anything is through dedications and perseverance.

The Warner Bros. Albums by Richard Pryor (CD, 6 Discs, Warner Bros. Comedian Videos, Funny Comedians, Richard Pryor, People Laughing, Stand Up Comedy, Jimi Hendrix, Warner Bros, Cool Things To Buy, Albums

Comedic Genius. "Richie" said and did things that most ppl would be afraid to say/do. Born on the first of Dec (like ME!!), He was already ahead of his time-----writing sketches, screenplays, directing etc. Another '4' person@lity (12/1 or 1+2+1=4)

- Ballad Of A Dead Soulja (Johnny J Version) by 11 on SoundCloud Oscar Wilde, 2pac Life Goes On, 2pac Makaveli, Tupac Pictures, Attitude, Death Row Records, Scared Of The Dark, Swag, Musica

Of course you're missed. But, it's different bc the @lbums still play as if he was still @round. #2paclivezthroughtheMusic

Wesley and Jenna discuss why it’s important to get the story of Tupac right, and why Sofia Coppola is afraid to touch black womanhood in her new film. Tupac Shakur, Pearl Jam, Rock Roll, Vogue Paris, Hiphop, Rock Hall Of Fame, Break Dance, 1990 Style, Musica

2pac, like most '4' personalitiez, have talents in Editing Film, Planning and 4w@rd thinkin. You wonder how 'pac would make so much material up to the night He was murdered. #6/16 #4pointofview

NUMBER 4 Attributes of Number 4 Number 4 resonates with the vibrations and energies of practicality, organization and exactitude, s. Number Meanings, Numerology, Meant To Be, Numbers, Arithmetic


NUMEROLOGY - The Vibration and Meaning of NUMBERS: NUMBER 4

During our weekly PRINCE Spreecast, we told you to look for an announcement of Prince playing a Jazz Festival soon. Montreux confirmed the news that PRINCE will be playing 3 shows at the Jazz Festival this year! Prince Rogers Nelson, Paisley Park, Leonard Cohen, Liam Hemsworth, Mike Tyson, Purple Rain, Deep Purple, Green Day, Lady Diana

The @rtist, Prince, is always thinkin of new innovative ways to present his Music. He is also a '4' person@lity. He was born on 6/7, which translates in Numerology as (6+7=13=1+3=4)

Beyonce in Maxime Simoens on the cover of the deluxe edition of her album Beyonce Album, 4 Beyonce, Beyonce Songs, Beyonce Knowles, Lauryn Hill, Stevie Wonder, Sam Smith, Just Dance, Playlists

Beyonce's fourth studio @lbum was called '4'. Beyonce b d@y is on 9/4, which makes HER the re@l blueprint behind the C@rter union (9+4=13=1+3=4). 4's @re forward thinkers, planners and builders.

I'm starting a board, titled to raise awareness to Numerology. Derek Carr, hopefully the st Qb for the O R is a on and off the field. See. Derek Carr, The St, Numerology, Board, Sports, Hs Sports, Sport, Sign, Planks

I'm starting a board, titled '4' to raise awareness to Numerology. Derek Carr, hopefully the st@rting Qb for the O@kland R@iders, is a '4' on and off the field. See.....his b day is: 3/28 or (3+2+8=13=1+3=4)