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A Snowgum tree in Tasmania.

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Australian Bilby

Bilby Australian Animals

Australian Bilby

Greater bilby

The greater bilby, one of Queensland's 12 endangered mammals, is the only surviving bandicoot in arid Queensland. It is the size of a rabbit, and has a long-pointed nose, silky pale blue-grey fur with a tan belly, big ears and a crested black and white tail. Their large ears are not for decoration, as they provide sharp hearing.

‘Emu Admiring Her Newly Layed Eggs’ by Paulette1021

'Emu Admiring Her Newly Layed Eggs' by Paulette1021. Thank you for looking at my Photography !! Paulette

Bilby - Burrower with Long Ears and Muzzle

Bilby - a burrower with many burrows, long ears and snout that has the shortest pregnancy of mammals.

Four Incredible Echidna Facts

Australia has a strange collection of wildlife. Nearly all of the native Australian mammal species, excepting rodents and bats, are marsupials (mammals that raise their young in a pouch). There is, however, one truly exceptional group of mammals that exists only in Australia & New Guinea: the monotremes. This ancient lineage of mammals retains many similarities to it's reptilian forefathers, the most startling of which is that it gives birth by laying an egg. Today there are only five…

The Echidna

Last year featured an in-depth examination of Echidna, the terrifying “mother of monsters” from Greek mythology. To start this year on a glorious high note, here is an essay concerning the actual …

Culture Victoria

The Numbat

The numbat (Myrmecobius fasciatus) is a small marsupial termite eater with lovely banded fur and an incredibly long sticky tongue. These animals are also known as walpurtis. Although the creature…

Australian Silo Art Trail

The Australian Silo Art Trail is a collection of painted silos and water towers across Australia. It connects rural communities through art and tourism and gives people from all walks of life the opportunity to experience Australia's number one road trip.

Everything you need to know about silo art in Victoria.

Keen on checking out the silo art in Victoria? Read on for up-to-date information on the Silo Art Trails of Wimmera Mallee and the High Country.