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Really Easy Thermomix Rissoles - The 4 Blades

Really Easy Thermomix Rissoles

Really Easy Thermomix Rissoles - The 4 Blades

Quirky Cooking: Spicy BBQ Chicken All-in-One Dinner

Spicy BBQ Chicken All-in-One Dinner - Quirky Cooking

One of the things I love most about my Thermomix is that it makes super-delicious and super-easy ‘all-in-one’ meals! (You may have noticed that. There’s quite a few on my blog.) Who doesn’t love a meal that’s quick to put together, doesn’t use up every pot in the cupboard, saves electricity by cooking everything at once, […]

Best Ever Beef Pie — ThermOMG
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Best Ever Beef Pie

I have been making this recipe for a while now and every time it gets better and better. Whether you are serving this on a cold winters night with mash, for friends while watching the footy or even as party pies for the kids they are a winner. I like to have a side of caramelised

Mexican Slow Cooked Beef

Mexican Slow Cooked Beef

Mexican Slow Cooked Beef

Beef Rissoles
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Beef Rissoles

Beef Rissoles

Honey Soy Chicken
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Honey Soy Chicken

Print this recipe 500g diced chicken thigh fillet ¼ cup marmalade ½ cup honey ½ cup kecap manis ¼ soy sauce 2cm fresh ginger 1 red chilli deseeded 1 tsp Chinese five spice 2 chicken stock cubes (or 1 cup liquid chicken stock plus 1tsp TMX vege stock concentrate) 1 cup water

Italian Beef Ragu — ThermOMG
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Italian Beef Ragu

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! I think I could eat this every night forever it was that good. A team on MKR this week made Piadinas which I have never had before but they appeared to just be your average flat breads. They're not. My only fault with this recipe was it nee

Bek's Creamy Beef Curry

Who doesn't love a good tender beef curry? This came about one night when I fancied that old school curry flavour, threw some ingredients into the TMX and whamo! A beautiful, tender beef curry! All three of my kids loved this too and you can adjust the heat by the number of chillies you add to suit

Quirky Cooking: Beef or Chicken Fajitas

Beef or Chicken Fajitas - Quirky Cooking

One of our very favourite meals is Fajitas. I usually make both chicken and beef strips to go in them, and of course make my own spelt tortillas. We avoid all the packet mixes and bought tortillas – they don’t taste half as good as home made, and they generally are full of additives […]

mexican chicken

Mexican Chicken

A very easy meal to make and can be used in a number of ways. We enjoy this as a stand alone meal, with addition of beans and rice it is a complete meal however we have also served it with tortillas and salad which makes it go a long way but also makes it a fun dinner for kids. Eb x Pri

Tasty meatloaf
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Tasty meatloaf

Photo of Lamb Burgers with Feta and Yoghurt Dressing

Thermomix recipe: Lamb Burgers with Feta and Yoghurt… |

Delicious and quick to make, crank up the BBQ, we are ready to bring the good ole burger to a new level. Enjoy!

Photo of Spicy Thai Beef Curry
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Thermomix recipe: Spicy Thai Beef Curry |

Coconut milk and beef never tasted so good together. Thai to enjoy it!

Char Siew marinade (traditional Chinese barbeque pork)

Char Siew marinade (traditional Chinese barbeque pork)

Char Siew marinade (traditional Chinese barbeque pork)

Sweet and Sour Chicken
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Sweet and Sour Chicken

Print this Recipe

Chicken Stroganoff — ThermOMG
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Chicken Stroganoff

I was really happy with this recipe but would definitely add more chicken next time. I used 4 chicken thighs but this makes a heap of sauce so 8 thighs would have been better to allow for more leftovers the next day or to put into the freezer for another night. I also used smoked