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10 Day Iceland Itinerary
Want the best sights that Iceland can offer? Steal our 10 day itinerary for an epic road trip in Iceland. We saw so much wildlife on our journey, went to the top sights in Iceland, learnt more about Icelandic history and culture and left Iceland wanting more! Read part 1 of our road trip around Iceland.
the iceland road trip is one of the best things to see
10 Days in Iceland
Planning a road trip in Iceland? Then steal our road trip itinerary. Part 1 of this blog series ventures from Reykjavik into the wild Westfjords. We were lucky enough to see hundreds of puffins, seals and epic scenery. Going hours at a time without seeing anyone else, the westfjord are worth the journey! It wasn't all smooth sailing though, early on we got a flat tyre and let me tell you finding a spare tyre in the westfjords is not easy!