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1983 Longchamp GTS

By Jesse MortensenIf you have ever wanted a Mustang with more European flair, then may we recommend a De Tomaso Longchamp? It has a Ford 351 under the hood, independent suspension all around, and a.

❦ 1966 Jaguar XJ13. WOW!!

1966 Jaguar The Jaguar was a prototype racing car developed by Jaguar to challenge at Le Mans in the It never raced, and only one was ever produced. The car has not been officially valued, but a million bid for it was declined by the owners in sport cars

1966 Jaguar XJ13

Looking for images of the 1966 Jaguar The Jaguar is one of the most visually appealing cars of all time. It carried a nameplate of one of the most successful marques at LeMans during the Jaguar, with five wins in just seven. Photo Name: