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Allen Avadonia by on @DeviantArt

" Behold, another fail try on Japanese characters I was inspired by the album 'Seven Crimes and Punishments' and I wanted.

Bathe in Darkness by on @DeviantArt

I had an idea running in my head after I reread Black Lagoon and saw a page where it depicts of Hansel and Gretel wrapped in darkness. Bathe in Darkness

Background Phone Screen by on @DeviantArt

Background Phone Screen by on @DeviantArt

Waiting... (redraw) by on @DeviantArt

The old version A story goes like this, A woman gave up her revenge to be able to wish for children to love.

I just want to pinch Law's cheeks by on @DeviantArt

After almost a week, I have finally finished my dear Law! Get ready for more fanart Law ! And I want never good at drawing hands. I just want to pinch Law's cheeks

Clockwork Doll by on @DeviantArt

I had to use so many references from Ichika and Suzunosuke, especially from the Evil's Forest album cover It took so long, of it w.

Match or Kill? by on @DeviantArt

You will have two choices of the fates of your rivals, their blood stained on your hands or their love redirected away from your beloved senpai. Match or Kill?

Psycho-Pass Ginoza by on @DeviantArt

A month worth of tears was spent on this. Now what fanart should I do next Psycho-Pass Ginoza