Hiring Movers

There are so many reasons to hire movers and make your transition as smooth as possible. Stop stressing out and call Highland Worldwide for your local or long…
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The thought of moving got you like...
Does just the thought of moving send you into a frowning frenzy? We're with you. Don't moan - pick up the phone!
the back end of a moving truck with the words fill it up
If you've got the stuff, we've got the truck!
Our professional movers will fill the moving truck swiftly and carefully. We move you from Point A to Point B efficiently and reliably!
a cart with a cardboard box on it and the words highland world wide wants to move you
Highland Worldwide wants to move YOU!
We simply want to move you and your household and/or office possessions, to wherever you need and want to be – swiftly and safely.
a cardboard box with the words local moves long distance moves international moves office relocation
Take a look at some of the different moving services we provide.
We specialize in local moves in Vancouver, long distance moves, international moves, and office relocation!
a woman writing on a piece of paper with a pen in her hand and the words moving doesn't have to cost a fortune get your free quote now
Moving doesn't have to cost you a fortune.
Get your free quote from Highland NOW!
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Highland Worldwide = Moving Made Easy.
We have had the good fortune of helping many customers simplify their moving endeavors through our services!
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Looking for a mover in Vancouver?
We specialize in local, long distance, and international moves! Highland makes moving easy.
two men unpacking a blue mattress in a living room with brown leather couches
Looking for movers in Vancouver?
We offer a variety of moving services in Vancouver and help you throughout the moving process. Some of these services include local moving, long distance moving, international moving, office relocation, and secure storage!
a woman holding a large box with the words highland van and storage on it's side
Hire us!
Our team values each client & treats each with respect and integrity, customizing each moving situation.
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Moving Etiquette - National Moving Month | ApartmentGuide.com
Moving Etiquette - National Moving Month | ApartmentGuide.com
an info sheet showing the different types of aircrafts and their engines, including one that is
Tetris Moving - Optimizing Space in a Moving Truck
If you ever played Tetris - you can pack a moving truck! Here's how - Optimizing Space in a Moving Truck
there is a binder and some papers on the table
Moving Tips & Organizational Planner
Moving Binder with printable moving checklists, packing labels, and EVERYTHING you need to stay organized!!!!! Saving this for our next move. (Hopefully it's still years away. lol.)
several cardboard boxes are stacked on top of a hand truck that's sitting in front of a pink background
The Best Moving Boxes to Pack Every Room in Your Home
Where to Buy Moving Supplies How to find affordable boxes and packing tools.
an info sheet describing how to pack a moving truck
Infographic: How to Pack a Penske Moving Truck
How to pack a moving truck. Going to be very helpful very soon!
the printable moving binder is shown with markers and pencils in front of it
The Ultimate Moving Checklist
FREE Printable | Smooth Move Binder Kit | Make your next move a smooth and hassle free one with this set of pretty and functional printables!