Dog Parenting 101

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This board is filled with lots of helpful tips and advice for the first time dog owner. I am a dog trainer and behavior consultant and I am here to help you raise a fantastic dog, no matter where in the world you live. Check out my website Dog Parenting 101 for more information!

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There are lots of reasons why a dog hates one particular dog, just some or everyone he meets! Find out why and what to do about it. #aggressionindogs #anxietyindogs #dogtraininghelp Pet Sitters International, Dog Fails, Group Of Dogs, Cute Dog Photos, Aggressive Dog, Pet Costumes, What Goes On, Dog Care, Dog Mom
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So Your Dog Hates On a Particular Dog – What’s Going On? | Dog Parenting 101

There are many reasons why your dog hates one particular dog, just a few or everyone he meets. They include lack of socialization as a puppy, protective of you, was attacked by another dog, age related health issues or he simply got a bad vibe.

We know that dogs see much better in low light than humans do. Does that mean it's okay to leave them in the dark? #dogcare #greattips #puppycare Puppy Care, Pet Care, Pet Sitters International, Group Of Dogs, Cute Dog Photos, Dog Games, Dog Care Tips, Pet Costumes, Parenting 101

Should You Leave a Light on for Puppies? Expert Advice | Dog Parenting 101

Dogs can see much better in the dark than humans can so, in most cases, whether or not you leave a light on for your pup is more a matter of personal preference than necessity.

Do your dogs fight over a place on the couch? Can you allow one of them on and not the other? Should any of them even be sitting on the couch? #dogtraining #dogtraininghelp #trainyourdog Pet Sitters International, Living With Dogs, Dog Couch, Group Of Dogs, Buy A Dog, Cute Dog Photos, Dog Blanket, Dog Shedding, Dog Fighting

Can You Allow One Dog on the Couch and Not the Other? | Dog Parenting 101

You can allow one dog on the couch and not the other, especially if one dog sheds lots of hair everywhere. Rewarding your dog for their good behavior is much more effective than scolding or punishment. Dogs learn much quicker under this type of command.

My heart dog Red always loved to sleep under blankets. After all, she was from Florida and ended up living in England!! It was long as you take certain things into consideration. #dogsafety #winterdogcare #dogcare #winter Cute Dog Photos, Dog Pictures, Dog Care Tips, Pet Care, Pet Sitters International, Group Of Dogs, Dog Games, Dog Safety, Dog Blanket

Uncovering the Dangers of Dogs Under Covers | Dog Parenting 101

As long as the blanket is relatively light, not too big relative to his or her size, not weighed down by anything and your dog doesn't have any serious mobility issues, there should be no danger. However, it's probably not a good idea if you have a brachycephalic dog such as a Pug, Boxer, Shih Tzu or Boston Terrier as they typically deal with breathing problems, or one with trachea or heart issues.

Now that the cold weather is pretty much here, it's time to figure out how we're going to keep our dogs warm. Are electric blankets the answer? #winterdogcare #keepwarm #dogcare #keepyourdogwarm Pet Sitters International, Cute Dog Photos, Dog Games, Pet Costumes, Parenting 101, Dog Mom, Pet Care, Animals And Pets, Haus

Are Electric Blankets Safe for Dogs? | Dog Parenting 101

Generally speaking, electric blankets made specifically for dogs are considered safe, but it is important to follow the manufacturers’ guidelines. However, if the thought of using one concerns you, there are plenty of other options to keep your dog warm.

I know how worrying it is when your old dog won't eat. You'll find all the help and advice you need in this guide. #fussyeater #seniordogcare #seniordoghealth Dog Care Tips, Pet Care, Anti Nausea Medication, How To Help Nausea, Slippery Elm, Guide Dog, Food Bowl, Dog Eating, Medical Prescription

How to Get an Old Dog to Eat: The Complete Guide | Dog Parenting 101

If your old dog is not eating, your first step should be getting him checked by your vet as soon as possible. Although there are many foods to try and tricks to use that may help get him to eat something, unless you find out the reason for his lack of interest or appetite, things won’t get better. Nausea is a common reason why a dog isn’t eating, and a side effect of many health issues such as kidney disease, pancreatitis and diabetes.

If there's a dog, there's at least one bowl of water in the house. Is it really necessary to leave water out for puppies though! #puppycare #puppyhealth #dogsneedwater Dog Health Tips, Dog Health Care, Pet Sitters International, Dog Pee, Group Of Dogs, Cute Dog Photos, Dog Games, Pet Costumes, Dog Feeding

The Pros and Cons of Leaving Water Out for Puppies | Dog Parenting 101

To avoid the risk of dehydration, a potentially deadly condition, puppies and dogs of all ages should have continuous access to water. When it may not be advisable is overnight when you have a young puppy. Drinking will cause accidents in the house, which can slow down house training progress.

I've shared my life with 2 blind dogs, and I've learned a lot about caring for them over the years we shared together. If your dog is blind then these tips are for you. #blinddog #blinddogs Dog Care Tips, Pet Care, Pet Sitters International, Facebook Dog, Dog Stroller, Dog Steps, Group Of Dogs, Dog Health Care, Cute Dog Photos
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How to Care for a Blind Dog: The Definitive Guide | Dog Parenting 101

A blind dog is first and foremost a dog, so you would care for him (or her) as you would one that could see, with extra attention needed to keep him safe both at home and outside. That means things like: making sure there are no toys on the floor to trip over; blocking off stairs with a baby gate; not leaving him alone on the couch; filling up holes in the garden and limiting off leash walks to fenced in areas.

Too often dog dementia goes undiagnosed, while our dogs pee in the house, wander aimlessly, bark for no apparent reason and suffer from anxiety. Find out everything you need to know, including treatment options, in this article. #doggiedementia #doggydementia #dementiaindogs Dealing With Dementia, Dog Pee, Dog Health Care, Dog Anxiety, Separation Anxiety, Dog Care Tips, Dog Barking, Parenting 101, Old Dogs
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Dementia in a Dog: How to Identify It (And What to Do) | Dog Parenting 101

Some of the signs you will see in a dog with dementia include: staring at walls; getting stuck on the wrong side of the door or under furniture; a well trained dog peeing and pooping in the house; forgetting how to eat; and not recognizing their people.

Congratulations on saving the life of an old dog. You're a star!! Here's how to introduce him to his new forever home. #adoptaseniordog #adoptdontshop #olddogsarethebestdogs Dog Care Tips, Pet Care, Welcome Home Parties, Family Outing, Parenting 101, Old Dogs, Dog Owners, Rescue Dogs, Your Dog

How to Introduce an Old Dog to a New Home | Dog Parenting 101

In the first few days it's best to keep things as calm in the house as you can. No welcome home parties, no visitors wanting to catch a glimpse of the new family member. Set up a quiet area just for him and limit access to the entire house until he becomes more comfortable. Take him for frequent walks to prevent accidents, always on a leash, and get him started on his routine right away.

After all that time spent house training your dog, is it possible he's forgotten everything you taught him? #pottytraining #housetraining #housebreaking Potty Training, Dog Training Tips, Dog Care Tips, Pet Care, Pet Sitters International, Dog Health Care, Cute Dog Photos, Dog Anxiety, Dog Diapers

Did Your Dog Forget His Potty Training? Here’s What to Do | Dog Parenting 101

There are lots of reasons why a dog is peeing or pooping in the house, and they aren’t all because he forgot his potty training. If he’s always been well house trained and this is a new behavior, the first thing you need to do is take your dog to the vet for a check up.

Before you even sit in your chair, your dog is there begging for food. That's not something I ever tolerate, but if it's happening to you here's what to do about it. #dogbeggingforfood #dogbehavior Pet Sitters International, Pet Wolf, Group Of Dogs, Dog Health Care, Cute Dog Pictures, Dog Shower, Pet Costumes, Dog Accessories, Dog Care
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Step-By-Step: How to Stop a Dog From Begging for Food | Dog Parenting 101

The first step to getting a dog to stop begging for food is for you, and everyone else in your household to agree, from now on your dog is never fed from the table. No exceptions, no one slipping him scraps. Yes it will be noisy, but with the helpful tips you’ll find here you can, once again, be enjoying quiet get togethers.

Whether or not you have children in the home, your dog will encounter them at some point. If he's afraid of them here's what you can do to help.  #fearfuldog #helpfultips #socialiseyourdog Dog Health Tips, Dog Health Care, Pet Sitters International, Group Of Dogs, Cute Dog Photos, Dog Anxiety, Pet Costumes, Dog Care, Dog Owners

How to Help a Dog Afraid of Kids: The Essential Do’s and Don’ts | Dog Parenting 101

Using a process known as desensitization, you gradually introduce your dog to children so he becomes more comfortable around them. While the training is going on, manage your environment so they are not left alone together and provide your pup with a safe space to retreat to where no kids are allowed. If you have a puppy, socialization is key whether or not you have children.

Do dogs instinctively know how to be gentle with babies, or do they need to be taught?  #DogsandBabies #dogsarefamily  #wellbehaveddog Pet Sitters International, Dog Cuddles, Group Of Dogs, Dog Health Care, Cute Dog Photos, Dog Games, Pet Costumes, Baby Dogs, Dog Owners
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How Do Dogs Know to Be Gentle With Babies? | Dog Parenting 101

Dogs know to be gentle with babies because they want to protect the youngest member of their pack or family. This behavior is instinctual because dogs are pack animals that respond well to hierarchy. Interacting with babies also increases dopamine levels and makes them happy.

Having a dog that runs out the door is a tragic accident waiting to happen. You need to stop it before it's too late. #doordashing #dogsafety #trainyourdog Millionaire Lifestyle, Pet Sitters International, Group Of Dogs, Dog Health Care, Cute Dog Photos, Dog Safety, Dog Runs, Pet Costumes, Animals And Pets
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Is Your Dog Dashing Out the Door? Here’s How to Prevent It | Dog Parenting 101

One of the ways you can prevent door dashing is by teaching your dog impulse control, meaning wait or stay. You also need to take an honest look at how many times a day your dog is getting walked, and what other forms of physical exercise and mental stimulation you are providing him.

It's a lot easier to prevent bad behavior than "fix" it later. All you have to do is train your dog! #dogbehavior #puppytraining #trainyourdog Dog Health Tips, Dog Health Care, Pet Sitters International, Group Of Dogs, Cute Dog Photos, Animal Antics, Dog Behavior, New Puppy, Training Your Dog
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Preventing Behavior Issues in New Puppies: Expert Tips | Dog Parenting 101

It is much easier to prevent problem behaviors then deal with them after they're ingrained, and the good news is it's super easy. All you have to do is train your puppy! Something else important to note is, bad behavior in dogs is almost always a result of boredom. See what happens when you start walking him more often.