Stunning Sunday: The Queenslander

This is a perfect addition to my Stunning Sunday collection… The Queenslander! Beautiful, neutral and…

Old Queenslander

Old Queenslander - I've decided I want a split level house with the living areas over a garage, and the entry and bedrooms about a metre off the ground. THIS is what I want it to resemble.

Queenslander home

House facade ideas

Photo of a corrugated iron queenslander house exterior with sash windows & path lighting - House Facade photo Browse hundreds of images of queenslander house exteriors & photos of corrugated iron in facade designs.

Adorable House  Porch....

Not crazy about the pastel color palette but you have to admire their adventurous use of many different colors to show off architectural details. And the style of this cottage at least fits a pastel scheme.

traditional Queenslander cottage

Queensland climate ranges from sub-tropical in the south to the hot wet tropics in the north. Old traditional houses were high-set to allow cooling breezes to pass underneath.

Stone queenslander house exterior with balcony & fountain - House Facade photo 279772

House facade ideas