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a close up view of a quilt made with blue, green and white fabrics
Star Streams Scrap Quilt
Star Streams Scrap Quilt - Treeline Quilting
a quilted table cloth with an arrow pattern on it and a sewing machine sitting next to it
Same Sky Quilt Pattern - Modernly Morgan
an old quilt is laying on top of a tablecloth with many different colors and patterns
Hooley Dooley!
an orange and blue quilt hanging on a white brick wall
Seeing Double - Birch Bella
Seeing Double - Birch Bella – Then Came June
a blue and yellow quilt hanging on the wall
Modern Quilts~Karen Abraham on Instagram: "When I mocked up this version (last slide) of my #brightwoodquilt many weeks ago, I was so hopeful that I would actually have time to make the real version…I didn’t🤷‍♀️. Enter @kaceycrutch, who offered to make it as her tester quilt🙌!! I love how she subtly changed up the colors ( see slide 3 for mock up of her version) and ended up with this beauty!! ✨The kit for this version was just re stocked (first round sold out) and can be pre ordered over a
a quilt is hanging on the wall next to a ladder with it's top down
Amalfi Buffalo Check Quilt - Ma Tante Quilting Finished Quilts
a quilt is hanging on the side of a wooden wall with an american flag design
Polar Compass Free Quilt Pattern
a large piece of art is being made on the floor with tape and some scissors
Deco Quilt Pattern - the baby version & other ideas
the baby quilt for benjamin is on display in front of a wooden table
A baby quilt for Benjamin
A baby quilt for Benjamin - The Crafty Quilter
a person is stitching something on a piece of fabric with a pair of scissors
Big-Stitch Hand-Binding Variation | A Tutorial - Patchwork and Poodles
Big-Stitch Hand-Binding Variation | A Tutorial - Patchwork and Poodles
a blue quilt with red, white and black squares
jo | Every morning when me & Abel make his bed, we are mesmerized by all the different fabrics on his quilt. It’s just nothing short of… | Instagram
a quilted blanket sitting on top of a wooden bench next to a brick walkway
A napping quilt made for my brother using my dad's old shirts.