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Concrete textures are perfect for use in your own designs when you need to add some texture. This free set includes 10 different concrete textures. Concrete Texture, 3d Texture, Concrete Floors, Concrete Finishes, Plywood Floors, Concrete Lamp, Stained Concrete, Concrete Countertops, Wood Flooring
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Concrete textures are perfect for use in your own designs when you need to add some texture. In this post we've featured some of the best concrete textures.

Colocasia Esculenta “Black Magic”“Black Magic” is an elephant’s ear cultivar which features unusual purplish-black leaves. It is a tuberous, stemless, frost-tender perennial of the arum family which typically grows tall and as wide.

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leaftypes: “ beetroots: “ um i can someone tell me what this gorg plant creature is? ” wwwoooaaahhh a black Colocasia/taro omg awesome! Colocasia esculenta ‘Black Magic’ ”

Foliage is a obvious recall of tropical plants for the Molteni&C Materia collection.

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Splashes of Native Bloss (Eucalyptus Blossom). I have a eucalyptus, but it's never bloomed.

‘Splashes of Native Bloss (Eucalyptus Blossom)’ by Lozzar Flowers & Art

'Splashes of Native Bloss (Eucalyptus Blossom)' by Lozzar Flowers & Art

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a Fractal spiral forms in nature - Australian Stingless Native Bees - Spiral honey comb, pollinators that don't sting.

Australian Stingless Native Bees

There are around 10 species of social bees in Australia. They live in colonies and have no stings. Of these few social bees there are just a couple that produce and store Honey that can be extracted.

Linchpin By Seth Godin And Generate By Daniel Pink - Two Guides, One Particular Information Succulent By Eric Vondy


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Change out the purple accent for a blush pink. Add in some platinum and rich beige accents. Change the green for a dark blue gray.

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I'll bet my FIL has some wood I could use to make a walkway to the car! Reclaimed wood with stones garden walkway design

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Image 13 of 14 from gallery of Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain / Gustafson Porter + Bowman. Photograph by Gustafson Porter + Bowman

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Pitcher Plant or monkey cups, is a genus of carnivorous plants in the monotypic family Nepenthaceae

West Australian Pitcher Plant Photos, West Australian Pitcher Plant Images, Nature Wildlife Pictures

Western Australia Pitcher Plant - Cephalotus follicularis - This plant has insectivorous leaves which in high sunlight are bright-reddish/purple, but in shadier conditions remain green. It is now cultivated worldwide, but the native plants in Australia, with their restricted range, effectively restrict the range of Badisis ambulans, a stilt-legged fly whose larvae are found only within this plant

*AUSTRALIA ~ Darwinia chapmaniana: An endangered plant native to Australia. Photo by Clare Snow. Posted on Garden Design by Caroline Mullet FB page.

Garden Design by Carolyn Mullet

Darwinia chapmaniana: An endangered plant native to Australia. Photo by Clare Snow.