Homelea Happy 10ply/worsted yarn - what to make

Patterns that will work well with the new Homelea Happy 10ply/worsted weight yarn.
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the reflection of two umbrellas in water on a wooden deck
Wonderland Shawl (Advent) pattern by Black Cat Knitting Company
8ply Yarn Advent Scarf / Shawl (24 colours), knitted
a woman with blonde hair wearing a brown cardigan and white pants in a living room
Rockmore pattern by Ana D
A classic cardigan with a vintage vibe - let the yarn texture shine!
a woman wearing a knitted scarf in blue and green colors, standing next to a window
Locus pattern by Elena Fedotova
An interesting scarf to crochet that let's the textural stitches shine.
a green sweater hanging on a wall next to pictures
Meadowfull Vest pattern by Eline Alcocer
I can see this being a pretty winter staple that I'll pull on over dresses or wear layered with a skirt.
a woman wearing a yellow knitted scarf
Kruska pattern by Elena Fedotova
Crocheted herringbone stitch cowl by one of my favourite designers - this is on my "must make" list!
the woman is holding her purse in both hands and wearing knitted mittens on
Cable Wrist Warmer pattern by Julee Fort
Textural, squishy and warm - your hands will love being wrapped up in them.
a crocheted granny's afghan draped over a white door with pictures on the wall behind it
Island Time Blanket pattern by Mallory Krall
Use all the Homelea Happy colours and have fun randomly choosing them!
a woman sitting on a bench in front of a black door wearing a sweater and skirt
Ariana pattern by Amy Christoffers
A stylish granny square cardigan you'll love wearing.
a blue knitted shawl hanging on a wall next to a coat hanger
Shoals and Shoals Shawl pattern by Eline Alcocer
Who said you had to stick to the yarn size in the pattern? I absolutely want to be wrapped up in this stunning shawl made with 10ply Homelea Happy.