Sidney is the city of fireworks

Homestay accommodation in Sidney, Australia
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Sydney, Australia - except the monorail is no more - demolished last month (July 2013) ... cheap hotels in #Sidney #Australia

Monorail, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. ** I caught the Monorail to work for many years and still cannot believe that the powers that be got rid of it. Stupid thing to do.

Sidney, Australia, from iryna ... cheap hotels in #Sidney #Australia

“How fun is this! An artist's paint tube sculpture in Sydney, Australia entitled "Splash" by artist Tomas Misura.

Sunrise at Sidney-By-the-Sea, - via: crescentmoon06: - Imgend

Sunrise at Sidney-By-the-Sea, BC, Canada. we missed the Canadian Sunrises this year.

Host Family Marianne and Martin

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Host Family Birgit Minchinbury

Host Family Birgit Minchinbury