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Mini Lemon Raspberry Donuts | Bakes & Blunders YouTube Channel
Baked donuts are crazy easy to make, but let me show you exactly what I mean. In this video, I'm making mini lemon donuts and topping them with a zingy raspberry glaze. Watch now on the Bakes & Blunders YouTube channel. #donuts #baking
You're cutting your peppers WRONG!
Ever wondered if you've been slicing peppers wrong? 💭 Say goodbye to wasted time and effort! Unlock our secret trick to cutting peppers like a pro. 🏆 Click on the link to watch and revolutionize your kitchen game.
Microwave Magic: Wholesome Family Soups in a Snap
Say goodbye to long hours in the kitchen with our easy and quick microwave soup recipes! 🥣👩‍🍳 Watch our step-by-step guide and make soup the entire family will love, ready in no time!
Perfectly paired with soup season!
Upgrade Your Soup Game with Homemade Seasoned Oyster Crackers! 🍲🌟 Elevate your favorite soups with these perfectly seasoned and baked oyster crackers. Toss them in a delightful blend of herbs, spices, and a touch of olive oil, then bake until golden and crispy. The perfect crunchy companion for your cozy bowl of soup. Soup season just got a whole lot tastier! 🥣✨ #SoupPairing #HomemadeSnacks #CozyComfort
Toaster Quesadilla Hack
Revolutionize Quesadilla Making with Your Toaster! 🌮🔥✨ Experience the ultimate convenience by placing your quesadilla in the toaster. Just assemble your favorite ingredients between tortillas, pop it in the toaster, and enjoy the perfectly toasted goodness. Quick, easy, and a game-changer for your next snack or meal. Trust us, you won't believe how simple and delicious it is! 🚀🧀 #ToasterQuesadilla #KitchenHack #QuickBites
Skip Taco Bell and make your own Baja Blast!
DIY Baja Blast: Recreate the Iconic Flavor at Home! 🌊🍹✨ Discover the secret to making your own refreshing Baja Blast with this simple and delicious homemade recipe. Sip on the tropical vibes and indulge in the signature flavor without leaving your kitchen. A perfect way to enjoy the Baja Blast experience anytime, anywhere! 🏡💙 #BajaBlast #HomemadeRefreshment #DIYFlavor
Sweet, tangy and spicy candied jalapeños
Spice up your snacks with Homemade Candied Jalapeños! 🌶️🍬✨ Learn the art of balancing heat and sweet with this easy-to-follow recipe. These candied jalapeños are the perfect combination of fiery and sugary, adding a unique kick to your favorite dishes. Elevate tacos, burgers, or appetizers with these addictive, sweet-spicy delights. Get ready to turn up the flavor in your kitchen! 🌮🔥 #CandiedJalapenos #SpicySweetTreats #HomemadeFlavor
Grab a box of puff pastry and your apple corer... 🍏
Whip Up Magic in Minutes with Easy Puff Pastry Apple Turnovers! 🍏🥐✨ Learn the art of effortless indulgence with this quick and delicious recipe. Watch as golden layers of puff pastry embrace sweet apple filling, creating irresistible turnovers that are perfect for breakfast, dessert, or anytime cravings strike. Say hello to a warm, flaky delight without the fuss! 🍎🌟 #EasyRecipes #AppleTurnovers #QuickAndDelicious
The ultimate breakfast roll up idea! 🍳
Transform Your Mornings with the Ultimate Breakfast Roll-Up Idea! 🍳🌯✨ Roll into the day with a delicious combination of your favorite breakfast ingredients wrapped up in flakey dough. Elevate the flavor with a generous sprinkle of everything bagel seasoning for that extra kick. The ultimate breakfast roll-up is here, bringing convenience and tasty satisfaction to your breakfast routine! 🌅🥓 #BreakfastIdeas #RollUpBreakfast #FlavorfulMornings
Ultimate Mac and Cheese Hack!
Grab a box of mac and cheese and set your airfryer to 350 deg. and thank us later!
Upgrade your side dish with THIS!
Transform your cauliflower rice into a savory sensation with this delicious side dish! 🍚🦃 Watch as the flavors meld together to create a hearty, satisfying dish that's not only delicious but also wholesome. This low-carb, high-flavor creation is perfect for those looking to add a healthy twist to their meals without sacrificing taste.
Easy Pizza Casserole Hack
(Bake at 350 for 25 minutes) Whether it's a family dinner or a casual get-together, this Pizza Casserole brings comfort and convenience to your table. No need to worry about individual slices – just scoop and enjoy the savory magic. 🍕🥄 Make pizza night a memorable affair with this easy, cheesy, and oh-so-satisfying casserole creation!
2 hacks to keep your guac greener, longer!
🥑✨ Say goodbye to brown guacamole with these hacks to keep your green goodness vibrant longer! Enjoy your green guac for longer with these simple tricks!
Pro Christmas Cookie Hack
Elevate your holiday cookie game with this Stencil and Powdered Sugar Decorating Hack! 🍪✨ Create professional-looking Christmas cookies with ease. Simply place a festive stencil over your cookie and dust powdered sugar for a stunning design. Impress your friends and family with bakery-worthy treats that are as delightful to look at as they are to eat! 🎄🌟 #ChristmasCookies #CookieDecorating #HolidayBaking
Cake Mix Cookies Hack
Shortcut to Holiday Bliss! 🎄🍪 Grab a box of red velvet cake mix and whip up these festive Christmas cookies in a snap! 🍰✨ The rich, velvety flavor combined with the ease of a cake mix makes these cookies a holiday hit. Perfect for last-minute baking or a fun family activity. Spread joy with every delicious bite! 🎅🌟 #EasyBaking #RedVelvetCookies #ChristmasTreats
Snowglobe Cupcake Hack
Create edible snow globes with this whimsical Cupcake Ornament Hack! 🧁✨ Simply nestle your delicious cupcakes inside empty clear ornaments for a festive and delightful treat. Watch as your cupcakes transform into charming snow globes that capture the magic of the season. Perfect for holiday parties or a sweet surprise for loved ones! ❄️🎄 #CupcakeMagic #EdibleSnowGlobes #HolidayTreats
Healthy Snickers Hack
Indulge guilt-free with this Healthy Snickers Alternative using Rice Cakes! 🍫🌾 Transform simple rice cakes into a satisfying and nutritious treat that mimics the flavors of Snickers. Layer with natural peanut butter, a drizzle of dark chocolate, and sprinkle with chopped nuts. Enjoy the sweet satisfaction without compromising your health goals! 🥜🍯 #HealthySnacking #RiceCakeTreats #SnickersAlternative
Chocolate covered strawberries but make them ✨festive✨
Turn Your Chocolate-Covered Strawberries into Festive Christmas Lights! 🍓🎄✨ Get creative with vibrant chocolate colors to mimic the glow of holiday lights. Dip strawberries in red, green, and white chocolate, then use contrasting colors to create the 'light bulbs.' Arrange them in a string for a delicious and decorative treat that adds a touch of magic to your holiday celebrations! 🌈🍫 #FestiveTreats #ChocolateStrawberryLights #HolidayIndulgence
The CUTEST Christmas idea
A healthy, low sugar, festive treat!
Indulge in a Healthy Holiday Delight! 🍊🍫✨ Enjoy the perfect blend of sweet and savory with these chocolate-dipped orange slices topped with flaky salt. This low-sugar, festive treat is not only delicious but also a guilt-free way to satisfy your sweet cravings during the holidays. Treat yourself and your loved ones to a burst of flavor without the extra sugar! 🌟🎄 #HealthyTreats #LowSugarIndulgence #FestiveFlavors
Grab a grocery store fruit platter and make THIS!
Turn a Simple Fruit Platter into a Showstopper Topiary! 🍇🍍✨ Elevate your party spread by transforming a grocery store fruit platter into a stunning fruit topiary. Grab a styrofoam cone from the craft store, arrange an assortment of colorful fruits in a decorative pattern, and secure them to the cone. Voilà! A delicious and eye-catching centerpiece that's sure to impress. Healthy, festive, and easy – the perfect party hack! 🎉🍓 #FruitTopiary #PartyPlatterUpgrade #CreativeEntertaining
Walmart Cookie Hack
Turn store bought cookies into homemade with this trick!
No-bake Christmas cookie idea
Whip Up Holiday Magic with No-Bake Coconut Christmas Cookies! 🥥🎄✨ Dive into the festive spirit with these easy, no-bake treats. A heavenly, coconutty indulgence that's perfect for spreading Christmas joy without turning on the oven! ❄️🍪 #NoBakeCookies #CoconutDelight #ChristmasTreats
Because regular ice is boring 🧊🎄
Upgrade Your Chill with Festive Pomegranate Seed Ice Cubes! 🧊🎄✨ Kick regular ice to the curb and add a burst of flavor to your beverages. Simply drop vibrant pomegranate seeds into your ice cube tray, fill with water, and freeze. The result? Beautiful and refreshing ice cubes that'll make your drinks as festive as the season. Cheers to a cool and colorful twist on hydration! 🍹❤️ #FestiveIceCubes #PomegranateRefresh #WinterChill
Save this for your NYE party 🥂
Toast to the New Year with a 2-Ingredient Sparkling Mocktail! 🥂✨ Keep it simple and classy with a delightful blend of sparkling grape cider and club soda. Effortless elegance for your NYE party without the alcohol. Cheers to a sparkling celebration and a fresh start! 🍇🎉 #MocktailMagic #NYEPartyIdeas #CheersTo2023
Mini Garlic Bread
Tiny Delight, Big Flavor! 🍞✨ Elevate your appetizer game with these adorable Mini Garlic Breads made with naan breads. Perfect for parties or a flavorful snack, these mini garlic breads are a crowd-pleasing twist on a classic favorite. 🌿🧀 #MiniGarlicBread #PartyAppetizer #FlavorfulBites
Perfectly paired with soup season!
Upgrade Your Soup Game with Homemade Seasoned Oyster Crackers! 🍲🌟 Elevate your favorite soups with these perfectly seasoned and baked oyster crackers. Toss them in a delightful blend of herbs, spices, and a touch of olive oil, then bake until golden and crispy. The perfect crunchy companion for your cozy bowl of soup. Soup season just got a whole lot tastier! 🥣✨ #SoupPairing #HomemadeSnacks #CozyComfort
3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies
Craving a sweet treat without the fuss? Whip up these 3-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies in a snap! 🥜🍯 With just peanut butter, sugar, and an egg, you'll have irresistibly chewy cookies ready to delight your taste buds. It's the easiest cookie recipe you'll ever need – simple, delicious, and perfect for any occasion. Get ready to impress with minimal effort!