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How to Make a Snuffle Mat - All Pets Education and Training

Cats Toys Ideas - All the dogs are snuffling snuffling (think LMFAO Party Rock Anthem). A snuffle mat is a great easy to make (although a little time consuming) enrichment toy for your dog or cat. - Ideal toys for small cats

weaving-rainbow-fish-craft-for-kids (1)

Supplies Needed: Rainbow colored paper Googly eye (or make one out of paper) White or black card stock paper Scissors/glue Start by cutting strips of the colored paper (using the long side). Cut out the shape of a fish with card stock paper and fold it in

Erupting Snow Recipe

I am definitely going to put this project near the top of my “to-try” list! Crystal, from Growing a Jeweled Rose, created this amazing sensory snow for her kids and then was nice enough…