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Why does simply being around people take energy? #introvert #hsp

How do you explain to your partner that simply being around people takes energy? - A Highly Sensitive Person's Life

Pink Lemonade Champagne (1 can pink lemonade - concentrate 1 bottle champagne 1 cup vanilla vodka)

Pink Lemonade Champagne 1 pink lemonade - concentrate in the freezer section - thawed 1 bottle champagne - chilled 1 cup vanilla vodka sugar for rim ice cubes - optional Mix lemonade and vodka in a pitcher. Slowly add champagne to sugared glasses.

Sparkling pear, cranberry & vodka cocktail from Simply Delicious - Alida Ryder

Sparkling pear, cranberry & vodka cocktail of sparkling pear juice of cranberry juice of vodka Juice of 1 lemon Put all the ingredients together and mix well, but don't shake. Pour into chilled glasses.