Ceremony Decorations

A collection of images with church decorations by The House of The Bride in Adelaide
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the altar is decorated with white marble and gold trimmings, surrounded by candles
Church alter arrangements of gypsophila www.houseofthebride.com.au
two vases with flowers are on the front steps of a church door way,
Large arrangements of gypsophila greeted guests at the entrance of Sacred Heart Chapel www.houseofthebride.com.au
the aisle is lined up with white draping and flower centerpieces on either side
White carpet, crystal organza and soft gypsophila decoration at Sacred Heart Chapel in Adelaide. www.houseofthebride.com.au
a bouquet of baby's breath sits on top of a chair with tulle
Fresh sprays of gypsophila with white ribbon and heart shaped crystal beads decorated the church pews. www.houseofthebride.com.au
the stairs are lined with white fabric and decorated with greenery on each handrail
The staircase of Adelaide Town Hall decorated with organza swag and sprays of fresh flowers. www.houseofthebride.com.au
a chandelier hanging from the ceiling in front of a doorway with flowers and vases
Fresh flower arrangements to greet guests at the entrance for wedding ceremony at Adelaide Town Hall. www.houseofthebride.com.au
a room filled with lots of white chairs and tables covered in white cloths for a wedding ceremony
Adelaide Town Hall wedding ceremony decoration. The view from the bridal registry table. www.houseofthebride.com.au
an empty banquet hall with rows of tables and chairs set up for a formal function
Adelaide Town Hall wedding ceremony www.houseofthebride.com.au
the aisle is decorated with white flowers and greenery
All white themed ceremony decoration at Adelaide Town Hall www.houseofthebride.com.au
a vase filled with white and pink flowers on top of a table next to a statue
Church alter flowers by Josie www.houseofthebride.com.au
a bouquet of white roses and greenery
Close up of church pew flower decoration at Rostrevor College Chapel www.houseofthebride.com.au
an empty church with stained glass windows and flowers on the alter
Church alter fresh flower arrangements by Josie www.houseofthebride.com.au
rows of pews decorated with flowers and greenery in front of an empty church
Fresh flower decoration on the pews and alter of Rostrevor College Chapel in Adelaide. Made with love by Josie www.houseofthebride.com.au
the aisle is decorated with white flowers and ribbons
Church decoration with rose petals and flower arrangements www.houseofthebride.com.au
the interior of a church with pews and white sashes
Church aisle decoration by The House of The Bride. www.houseofthebride.com.au