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The Sky Whale would use materials made of alloys, ceramics or fiber composites to reduce drag.

AWWA "Sky Whale" Concept Plane by Oscar Viñals, via Behance-powered by four hybrid engines that are recharged with solar panels

BOEING 797 It can comfortably fly 10,000 Miles at Mach 0.88 or 654 mph with 1000 passengers on board! [Futuristic Airplanes:]

Message claims that aircraft company Boeing is set to launch its Boeing a new 1000 passenger jet that sports a radical Blended Wing design. The message features several images supposedly depicting a Boeing

Концептуальный самолёт-левиафан (9 фото)

“Sky Whale” is a concept aircraft created by Spanish designer Oscar Viñals that uses technological innovation to make air travel more efficient and ultimately, eco-friendly. Read more: Oscar Viñals' Sky Whale is a Three-Story Gargantuan "Green" Aircraft

Russia plans to build a fleet of supersonic military transport aircraft with an unprecedented payload of 220 tons capable of deploying a full-fledged armored army to anywhere in the world in seven hours