Damn right you guys. 'Straya is eeeeasily the best country ;) :P all this is so true xD except -- I don't THINK Hamish and Andy are the funniest blokes ever they ARE...! :) x

33 Ways You Know You're Australian

. Love, in color.  A pair of rainbow lorikeets. Beautiful

A pair of Rainbow Lorikeets - a species of parrot found in Australia, eastern Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

Meanwhile in Australia


This is true but the snake died of severe internal damage later. The crocodile also died

It’s hot in Australia…  At first glance I thought someone hung condoms from a chandelier...

It’s hot in Australia…

36 March In March Protesters Who Used Humour And Won

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More functional uses for currency. | 22 Important Lessons From Tumblr About Australia

22 Important Lessons From Tumblr About Australia