Michael Smith

Michael Smith

Perth, Australia  ·  Whiskey!
Michael Smith
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GorillaPod Hybrid: Flexible camera tripod for hybrid, CSC, EVIL cameras

The Hybrid GorillaPod is a flexible, ball head tripod designed for use with a multitude of cameras and devices.

Business Traveler Shorts

Pick-Pocket Proof® Travel Clothing: Secure urban / outdoor travel pants, shirts & jackets w/ built-in hidden zippered pockets to prevent theft while traveling.

Camera Straps

If you love your camera, but hate carrying it around your neck, be sure to check the BlackRapid sling straps out!

Air Travel Express

Travel Express holds New Surface Book MacBook Pro Touch Bar or iPad Pro and power adapter, mouse, SuperDrive, power cord extension, in one convenient place.

3DD: A 3-D Celebration of Breasts

A Celebration of Breasts Fashion photographer Henry Hargreaves has created an assemblage of beautiful images of the female form in a unique way—in And as you’ll see in the enclosed.

Custom SLR — C-Loop Camera Strap Mount Solution

No more tangled camera straps! The C-Loop attaches easily to your camera tripod mount and keeps your camera strap out of the way.