Take a picture of your baby with the news from the day they were born.

Round Up – Issue 7 May 2013

Use the newspaper from Baby's birthday to commemorate the current events surrounding the birth! Continue to incorporate the newspaper in pictures from each birthday throughout childhood as a "snapshot journal"

This has got to be one of the greatest photos I've seen in a long time. This little one underwent surgery and LIVED. He's a living angel .. and by Dad's wings .. he certainly looks the part too. Almost to ONE MILLION likes .. why don't you all give it the thumbs up yourself

Newborn Baby That Had To Have Surgery. :/ cute photo idea though, could use this for the new baby with Alans angel wing tattoo.

The beauty of double exposure

Although double exposure is a quite simple photography technique, coming up with an artistic image using this technique proves to be a much more complicated task.

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Little People, Big World's Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Botti's Wedding Photos Revealed

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White Smoke Bomb Wedding Couple

18 Wedding Photography Ideas With Smoke Bombs

forest wedding with orange smoke bomb

White Lane Studio - Central Coast journalistic wedding photographers

a style i really enjoy that the duo tones combined and create layers that connect and discount from each other

like the overlay and use of colours on this photograph , really interested in doing something with overlay and having a play around with colour but still keeping it simple.


Autumn Photographer Tim Tadder (previously) has created Las Muertas, a beautiful photographic tribute to La Dia De Los Muertos, the traditional Mexican holiday that celebrates those who have died.

Sam Hurd Photography - A mirror? a window? A crystal glass??

Sam Hurd Photography - A mirror? A crystal glass? /// hollow out a small hole in a bottle or glass