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Academic vocabulary

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Most Important Academic Words List - English Grammar Here Essay Writing Skills, English Writing Skills, Writing Words, Academic Writing, Essay Words, Ielts Writing, Essay Writer, Good Vocabulary Words, English Vocabulary Words Learning

English Most Important Academic Words List Analyze Assess Approach Pursue Estimate Involve Respond Categorize Link Remove Commit Implement Focus Perceive Select Consent Survive Derive Allocate Identify Imply Publish Specify Contrast Isolate Submit Detect Restore Establish Process Affect Maintain Access Refine Emerge Require Justify Rely Attribute Grant Publish Clarify Guide Attain Generate Inhibit Aid Confirm Assume Contract Modify Monitor Evaluate Participate Seek Compensate Prioritize…

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76 Academic Words and Synonyms List - Grammar Simple Academic Vocabulary List, Academic Essay Writing, Academic Language, English Vocabulary Words Learning, English Language Learning, Writing Words, English Grammar, Writing A Book, Interesting English Words

76 Academic Words and Synonyms List Academic Word Synonym Colossal Immense Gigantic Spacious Enjoyable Festive Exciting Joyous Accomplished Gathered Glorious Terrific Agreeable Helpful Courteous Pleasant Appealing Fair Gabbed Lectured Compact Minute Little Puny Awfully Fantastically Exceptionally Marvelously Academic Word Synonym Colossal Immense Gigantic Spacious Enjoyable Festive Exciting Joyous Accomplished Gathered Academic Word Synonym Extensive Large Huge Vast Entertaining Incredible…

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Common Verbs Used in Academic Writing English Grammar, Anchor Charts, Coaching, English, Modifiers Grammar, English Vocabulary Words, English Writing Skills, Vocabulary Words, Good Vocabulary Words

The Most Common Verbs Used in Academic Writing in English; •Modify •Monitor •Classify •Seek •Compensate •Deduct •Function •Legislate •Achieve •Locate •Validate •Communicate •Invest •Survey •Constrain •Allocate •Precede •Channel •Enforce •Faciliate •Retain •Contribute •Emphasize •Interact •Obtain •Restrict •Alternate •Adapt •Comprehend •Comprise •Expand •Promote •Consult •Contradict •Reinforce •Confine •Generate •Inhibit •Aid •Pursue •Assume •Contract •Categorize •Evaluate •Participate…

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100 Sat Words Improve Your Vocabulary, Vocabulary Practice, Vocabulary List, Vocabulary Words, Nature Names, Context Clues, Elar, Grammer, Different Words

Vocabulary is an essential aspect of any language, and it plays a crucial role in one’s ability to understand and express ideas effectively. The SAT exam places great emphasis on vocabulary, as it is an integral part of the reading comprehension section. This article aims to provide an overview of some of the most commonly ... Read more

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250 Academic Words List - English Study Here Essay Writing Skills, Ielts Writing, English Writing Skills, Writing Words, English Lessons, Academic Writing, English Phrases, Learn English Words, English Vocabulary Words

Most important 250 Academic Words List in english; 1.acronym 2.address 3.affect 4.alter 5.always 6.annotate 7.anticipate 8.application 9.apply 10.articulate 11.assert 12.assess 13.associate 14.assume 15.assumption 16.audience 17.authentic 18.brief 19.calculate 20.caption 21.category 22.cause 23.character 24.characteristic 25.citation 26.cite 27.claim 28.clarify 29.class 30.clue 31.code 32.complete 33.compose 34.composition 35.concrete 36.consistently 37.constant 38.constitutes 39.consult…

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180 Useful Synonyms Words List | IELTS Vocabulary - Love English English Grammar, Good Vocabulary Words, English Vocabulary Words, Vocabulary Words, Interesting English Words, English Writing Skills, English Vocabulary List, English Learning Spoken, Learn English Grammar

Learning Synonyms words is a basic and very important part of learning English. Here are some of the most useful synonyms words for IELTS. This list of synonyms words will help you expand your English vocabulary.

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200 Academic Word List in English - English Grammar Here Teaching English Grammar, English Writing Skills, English Language Learning, English Lessons, English English, French Lessons, Spanish Lessons, German Language, Teaching Spanish

200 Academic Word List in English acronym address affect alter always annotate anticipate application apply articulate assert assess associate assume assumption audience authentic brief calculate caption category cause character characteristic citation cite claim clarify class Clue code complete compose composition concrete consistently constant constitutes consult contend context continuum contradict control convert convey copy correlate correspond credible criteria critique crucial…

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