Aged care

Discover essential tips and strategies for providing quality and comfortable care for elderly individuals. Create a nurturing and safe environment that promotes their well-being and happiness.
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Dementia can be a symptom of a variety of health issues, including Alzheimer's disease and other problems that cause changes in your brain. While it is rare for younger people (in theirs 20s and 30s) to develop the condition, it is possible to…

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Caring today: A day in the life.  This infographic illustrates a day in the life a family care giver. To learn more about caring for a loved one from a distance: Health Care, Caregiver Resources, Elderly Care, Home Health Care, Senior Health, Senior Care, Caregiver, Nursing Home, Seniors

The problem that former Sun Microsystems chief executive <a href="!/openjonathan">Jonathan Schwartz</a> is trying to fix with his new startup is clear enough. More and more people are having to care for older relatives or children with health issues as the US population ages. But, the current online methods for sharing such sensitive information aren't always appropriate. Emailing caregiver information can lead to tastelessly targeted ads. Online project management…

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