Alarm systems for home

Protect your home and loved ones with state-of-the-art alarm systems. Discover top-rated alarm systems that provide peace of mind and deter intruders.
I'm proud to announce the latest update (v1.5) to my NodeMCU ESP8266 SmartThings integration for connecting a wired alarm system (DSC / Honeywell / etc) to SmartThings. Yesterday I added the ability to connect the alarm system siren, making it now a complete solution for replacing a traditional keypad-based alarm system with SmartThings and Smart Home Monitor. The best part about it is you can do this for less than $25 with electronics easily available online, and my open-source... Alarm System, Wireless Home Security Systems, Wireless Security Cameras, Wireless Home Security, Security Alarm, Security Camera, Security Systems, Smart Home, Surveillance System

UPDATE August 21, 2017: Thanks to overwhelming support from this community, this project has evolved and we’ve formed a company behind it called Konnected. Konnected sells DIY Kits to convert your home’s wired alarm sy…

Rebecca Triemstra