Apple shape

Discover stylish and flattering outfit ideas that perfectly complement your apple shape body type. Enhance your confidence and showcase your unique style with these top fashion tips.
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The apple-shaped women have generous curves and slender legs, but are typically frustrated with extra weight in the midsection. It is critical for the apple to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your body shape, and find the right styles to create a more balanced silhouette. This comprehensive guide will first take a deep dive to help you understand your body features, and then walk you through the most clothing styles for your shape.

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Different Types of Body Shapes and Types: Apple, Pear, Rectangle and Hourglass. How to find your body shape and type? Body Shape Calculator. How to Determine Your Body Shape. Find Out Your Real Body Type. Shop By Shape with Myntra

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Build a closet that makes your apple body shape shine! Here are some tips and ideas on how to dress to look your best. From skirts to pants, these style suggestions will help you look amazing!

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As a plus size apple-shaped woman, you are known for generous curves. Meanwhile, you might also notice that a lack of waist definition and a bulging tummy can make it challenging to find your style. This is a comprehensive guide to help you fully understand your strengths and weaknesses, and find the most flattering clothing for your shape accordingly.

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If you are an apple shape with thick legs, you have a very unique body type. The reason is a typical apple is known for carrying weight on the tummy, while rarely gaining weight on the legs. However, women's body shapes can have so many different variations, it is totally normal if you happen to be an apple with thicker legs. Let's first take a look at your body features, and then go ever how to best dress your shape!