Aquamarine properties

Explore the soothing and calming properties of aquamarine gemstone. Learn how this beautiful stone can bring serenity and balance to your life. Find the perfect aquamarine jewelry to enhance your well-being.
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There’s hardly anything more fascinating than a beautiful Aquamarine crystal with high energy & delightful aesthetics. The soothing seawater colors gave this gemstone its name, and its powerful properties inspired many ancient cultures. Let’s explore the aquamarine crystal meaning, properties, and other features of the aquamarine stone in this blog post. And did you know that Aquamarine is also a March birthstone!?

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Aquamarine Aquamarine is a light blue, well-known stone for its beauty and uses in jewelry. Aquamarine is an essential purifying stone and is sometimes known as the "Mermaid Stone." Aquamarine is known to have an abundance of healing properties. Being one of the more solid gemstones, Aquamarine has a hardness of 7.5 - 8 on

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