Baking with kids

Get creative in the kitchen with your kids and explore the world of baking. Discover fun and easy recipes that will bring joy and delicious treats to your family.
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These bright and colorful Jello Cookies are quick and easy to make using only 4 simple ingredients plus jello mix. This recipe is perfect for baking with kids because it is practically foolproof and is a fun way to bake deliciously soft and sweet sugar cookies that can be customized according to their favorite color-flavor combinations.

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These easy rainbow popsicles are so fun and they're really simple to make! And the best part is that they barely drip when you're eating them! My 7 year old says they taste exactly like birthday cake. I've been dreaming of making rainbow coloured popsicles for years now. But I've always been troubled by the variety of colourful juices I'd have to buy. Or the quantity of multicoloured smoothies I'd have to make. And then I'm way too impatient to wait for every single layer to freeze so they…