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Explore the dramatic events and strategic brilliance of the Battle of Lepanto. Learn how this historic naval clash forever altered the course of European history and discover the heroic tales of valor and triumph.
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Angel was born in Madrid in 1968. He attended the University in the Faculty of Fine Arts (Madrid ). He has worked in the Spanish newspapers(ABC,5DIAS ) for 15 years primarily portraits of relevant people. In recent years He has specialised in historical and military historical issues. He has illustrated for many editorial companies, primarily in Almena Editorial, Desperta Ferro and Karwansaray Editorial.

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The Turkish fleet came on imposing and terrible, all sails set, impelled by a fair wind, and it was only half a mile from the line of galliasses and another mile from the line of the Christian ships. D. John waited no longer; he humbly crossed himself, and ordered that the cannon of challenge should […]

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Battle of Lepanto by Vasari: fresco in the Appartamento Borgia, in Vatican City, 1989-1991, Alinari Archives, Florence

Battle of Lepanto by Vasari: fresco in the Appartamento Borgia, in Vatican City, 1989-1991, Alinari Archives, Florence

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Art Collector: 57 Paintings of The Naval Battle of Lepanto, 1571. Christian forces of the Holy League and the Ottoman Turks Early Modern Period, Art, Battle Of Lepanto, Italian Art, Lepanto, Defender Of The Faith, Italian Painters, Renaissance Art, Naval

Paolo Veronese, (1528–1588) The Battle of Lepanto, c. 1572 oil, canvas Dimensions: 137 x 169 cm Accademia of Venice, Venice, northern Italy The Allegory of the Battle of Lepanto is a painting by Paolo Veronese. The lower half of the painting shows the events of the battle of Lepanto, whilst at the top a female personification of Venice is presented to the Virgin Mary, with Saint Roch, Saint Peter, Saint Justina, Saint Mark and a group of angels in attendance implore the Virgin to grant…

Naval battle of Lepanto by Andrea Micheli Empire, Knight, Patras, Battle Of Lepanto, Crusades, Ancient, Naval, Western World, Battle Flag

by Jeremias Wells The Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary Here is but a small fraction of the victories directly obtained from God through the Holy Rosary: The Battle of Lepanto which saved Rome and Vienna, and thus the Pope and the Emperor, from Moslem subjugation The deliverance of Vienna by Sobieski The victory […]

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