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Discover the best commercials that will make you laugh, cry, and think. These top picks will leave a lasting impression and have you talking about them for days.
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The US Marine Corps has been a symbol of pride for our nation over the last 240 years. They have sacrificed a great deal for their countrymen, and they are always looked upon with honor and respect. These courageous men and women are known for their bravery but are often not given the publicity they

John Schaefer
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(Left) Photo by Reddit // u/kristenstewart | (Right) Photo by Reddit // u/trueratecelebrities It’s inevitable that as you age, there will be some changes in your personality as well as physically. When you’re in the spotlight 24/7, these changes seem even more noticeable. Some of these changes are pretty drastic, and by the time you …

Rousseau Stéphanne