Bird of paradise landscaping ideas

Transform your outdoor space with these stunning bird of paradise landscaping ideas. Create a tropical oasis in your own backyard and enjoy the vibrant colors and unique blooms of this exotic plant.
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The best companion plants for bird of paradise include the Carolina jessamine, society garlic, bougainvillea vine, sweet olive, blue hobbit, princess lily, knifophia, asiatic jasmine, sago palm, and bromeliads.

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Bird of paradise plant care is easier than you think. Learn all about growing them: water, fertilizer, soil, sunlight, pest control and more!

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We bought this house for the backyard and a little over two years later it’s finally USABLE!!!! So excited to share our colorful, California backyard reveal with you all today. I know it’s been a long time coming! Ha! We started dreaming about what this space could be like the day we moved in, but …

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Florida's humid climate lends itself perfectly to crafting a tropical oasis right in your yard. Your landscape can flourish with lush greenery, vibrant blooms, and an exotic mix of plants that transform outdoor spaces into

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Transform your front yard into a luxurious retreat with lush greenery and exotic plants, complementing a stylish modern home. Dive into our article for more and follow us for the best in home and garden trends!