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Discover the joy of building your own boat with high-quality DIY boat kits. Get started on your boating adventure and experience the satisfaction of cruising on your very own handcrafted vessel.
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How small can a boat get and still be as fun and exhilarating? Well, this is the question that “The Micro” can answer. This tiny kit is only 6 feet long with a 3-foot beam, but it can give you the full experience of riding the waves. So if you like being in the water but don’t have the budget for a standard 20-30 foot motorboat, well, this tiny jet boat might just be for you.Credit: SenditThis micro jet-powered boat may seem like a toy when it’s boxed up, but it is an actual beast with 100…

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Your source for mini and mid sized bolt-together pontoon boat kits, large work barge and house boat base kits, pontoon boat frame parts, and plastic floats for recreation, USV building, and floating robots. small pontoon boat small pontoon boats mini pontoon boat mini pontoon boats work barge work barges house boat house boats

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