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Express your boho style with handmade jewelry. Learn how to make your own boho accessories and add a touch of individuality to your look.

Memory wire is a very popular stringing material – mostly among beginner beaders. But with the right beads and a few beadwoven components, you can turn a piece of wire into a unique and luxurious piece of jewelry. This pattern is made by Nela Kábelová. She is...

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63 Marvelous DIY Jewelry Ideas For Women’s

Oh, Jewelry.. We all love wearing it. Putting it away and keeping it organized though is another story altogether. One of the most difficult situations that arises when you start collecting unique jewelry of course is the issue of storage. If you don’t have a way to organize them, they quickly get lost, tangled or broken. You could buy a commercial jewelry organizer, but those can be pricey and it can be hard to find one that really fits your style. The best solution to this is to simply…

Boho on a Budget: 10 DIY Bohemian Jewelry Projects

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