Boulder House

Explore unique and innovative designs for Boulder Houses that blend seamlessly with nature. Get inspired to create your dream home surrounded by stunning natural landscapes.
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It seems too strange to be real - a home emerging from a set of giant stones, seemingly cut out of the rock itself. Yet there it stands in rural Portgual with the pictures and video to prove it. No, it is not an optical illusion nor a fancy photo-editing job ... this is the real deal. As the tel ...

America's 'Most Original Home' for sale: $4.2 million 'Flintstone' house (photos) | Home, Bouldering, Boulder House, Flintstone House, Cob House, House On The Rock, Building A House, Condos For Sale, Scottdale

The 4,380-square-foot Boulder House, often referred as "America's Most Original Home," was built in 1980 by Sunnie and Bill Empie, who wanted to trade in their life in the cloudy Puget Sound area of Washington for the dry heat of Arizona's upper Sonoran Desert. It is listed for sale for $4.2 million and available for tours and events.