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Plan a memorable bridal brunch with these delicious ideas. From mouthwatering dishes to elegant decor, create a beautiful and unforgettable event for the bride-to-be.

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, review my disclosure policy here.There is just something so fun about a mimosa bar at a party- honestly, who doesn't love a good mimosa? Rather than having just your standard OJ and champagne option, a drink setup station is the much better choice. This do it yourself setup is a creative way for guests to make their perfect drink and have a good time doing it. They can pour as much or as little of either juice or champagne as they'd…

Sammy Tiongson
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There’s no doubt that drinks are one of the most important yet stressful parts of any event – if you plan everything in a wrong way, you are likely to spend all the time in the kitchen playing the bartender. Fortunately, you can go for the easier options and can make even a greater splash than multiple servings of a 5-step cocktail full of expensive ingredients with a DIY mimosa bar. Since it’s a DIY bar, your guests will be able to help themselves – all you need is to provide them with the…

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Wedding Wednesday came early this week! I couldn’t wait until later this week to share my bridal brunch that my future in laws put on for me. I had such a fun day surrounded by loved ones. I’m sharing mostly food and decor photos only because i’m sure not all my guests want their photos […]

Judy Phillips

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